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A rich occlusive anti-wrinkle cream designed to retain moisture and soften the delicate eye contour area.

  • Enriched with an active skin-smoothing molecule which combines the amino-acid Proline with a Palm oil derivative to Increase the moisture-binding capacity of the skin.
  • Numerous biomimetic moisturizing components: amino-acids, Dead Sea minerals, Sodium PCA, and the Hyaluronic acid further increase the skin’s hydration.
  • Premium quality oils relieve dryness and improve the skin’s elasticity
  • Oil-soluble vitamins serve as antioxidants protecting the natural oils from free radical damage.
  • Especially suitable for dry skin types as they tend to develop fine lines in the eye contour area.

Note: The occlusive nature of this water in oil emulsion seals the moisture in the skin which is ideal for dry skin with fine lines. However, users who tend to develop under-eye puffiness should prefer a gel-based, lightly astringent formula which is more suitable for their condition.

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