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What can IBE Hair Extensions really do?

Our Three-Step Process

Your Hair Journey

Step #1 Consultation

30-minute inperson meeting at the salon to discuss your lifestyle and beauty goals.

Step #2
Order Hair

Custom orders are placed based on your personal hair goals! We can match hair to your current color or customize the color.

Step #3 Installation

Better known as install & chill.
The hand tied weft method is a three-hour process. Not including additional services like coloring. Bring your headphones - we provide an iPad so you can sit back and relax 🙂

Why Get Extensions?

Extensions have been the key to styles seen all over Pinterest and Instagram for years. 

Ever wonder why that haircut you dream about never comes out quite like the photo? I’m sure the stylist you’ve chosen is more than qualified to make you look amazing!  But here’s the secret, you may need a little extra fullness all over. 

Extensions add length to those areas that don’t seem to ever grow….like the front, they add fullness, and of course, both to create that gorgeous mermaid hair!! 

Extensions can be matched to your color or used to add dimension and brightness for someone that needs a little POP. Options are limitless!

Your Hair Care Guide

Everything you need to know about caring for your new hair


Still, got questions?

First time clients can expect an initial investment of $600-$2,400 to create the hair you have always dreamed of.  Pricing is determined by the amount of wefts needed to create your look, as well how many rows are needed to add length, density, and color.  The initial investment covers the installation, a custom cut and styling, and cost of the hair.

Maintaining extensions doesn’t have to make your lifestyle any more tedious, matter of fact it might make it easier for you.  Extensions can hold their style for days so you will get more wear out of your hair than expected.  Plus, working out has never been easier since there is no adhesive to worry about when you sweat.  Simply blow dry the weft line and use a little dry shampoo. 

Maintaining  the new you will consist of moving up your rows every 6-9 weeks to maintain optimal integrity of the hair with little to no damage.  When booking your move up you can expect a cost of $175 – $800 for this appointment depending on how many rows you have.

Any extensions do have the potential to damage your own natural hair.  However, Invisible Bead Extensions has created a foundation method that is extremely safe.  With IBE, there is no tension placed on the scalp or hair from over direction and there is no contact from the bead to your scalp causing irritation.  Plus, we will teach you what you need to know to reduce any chance of damage you could do at home.

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